Find, Nurture, Enroll, Connect: Catalyst Challenge Coin

Image of Find, Nurture, Enroll, Connect: Catalyst Challenge Coin

This the Catalyst Challenge coin. There is a unique ID on every coin, which ties to a unique webpage. The coin will be activated to your email. You will receive an email with a link to the coin's page (and a way to edit this page) as soon as order processing is done, and when the coin ships.

If you want us to send the coin to someone else. Please put their contact info into the 'shipping to', when ordering. Add any notes in the note section.

The coin will come packaged nicely with a note for the recipient. You will still receive an activation email as soon as we process, and you may then edit the web page to tell the story of how the recipient 'earned' this coin.

Shipping: Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail, Tracking and Insurance included.

Details: Antique gold plated brass coin. 1.5" diameter, laser engraved custom id. laser engraved on edge.

Note: Contact me directly with questions or larger orders.